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So, we finally have feedback RE. the water situation. It came on last night and is STILL on, yay for hot showers!!!
Apparently the water system here is antiquated, so it fills up from the bottom (as we figured). There are no leaks, it’s just that it has to fill up all the pipes from the lowest houses all the way to the highest houses BEFORE it starts filling our reservoir. So because the water supply is decreased from the damages elsewhere in Durban, the people in the lower lying houses are using the water faster than it can fill up, so it very seldom reaches us 😭😭😭
Unfortunately there is no end in sight, unless the houses who have water restrict themselves so that the reservoir can fill up. And we all know how likely THAT is…
So we are just taking it day by day. The water supply, unfortunately, doesn’t usually coincide with the time needed to get things done…
So if there is something you DESPERATELY need, please subscribe to notifications on the website so I can prioritise it for you!
Have an awesome weekend! ~ Melissa 🤗🥰

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