Frequently Asked Questions

Which Essential Oils are used in Au Naturel Products?

We use CERTIFIED ORGANIC essential oils as far as possible.

Please read more in our article: Essential Oils & Safety.

How do I choose the right natural shampoo for me?

More information can be found in our Hair Care Guide, you can find it here.

When ordering natural shampoo for the first time, its a good idea to choose at least 2 different bars, as there is no one-size-fits-all shampoo bar. Using either the Detox Shampoo or the Coconut Oil Shampoo will help you get through the transition phase faster, allowing you to then experience the full effects of the bar that best suits your hair type.

Can people with dyed/bleached hair use natural shampoo?

Some dye products work well with natural soap, some don’t. Some people say natural soap makes their dye last longer, others say it washes out faster. We cannot say for sure whether it will work for you or not.

Bleach makes the hair porous, so it absorbs the soap, making it difficult to rinse out. People with highlights mostly always have trouble using natural soap for this reason.

Natural soap works best on natural hair 🙂

How do I accelerate the detox from using regular shampoo?

Do a repeat wash with the Detox Shampoo, then rinse with a mixture of half water/half apple cider vinegar. More information can be found in our Hair Care Guide, you can find it here.

I have thick, curly hair, which shampoo bar will work best for me?

We recommend you take a look at our Crème Shampoos, you can find out more about them here.

Our Aqua Curls has only had rave reviews since its release! You can find it here.

My Dermatologist says I must only use glycerine soap. How is it different to Au Naturel?

The answer lies in the ingredients listed. While Au Naturel makes soap by saponifying natural oils, so-called glycerine soap is laden with solvents and detergents to give it that transparent look. Glycerine is a natural by-product of the soap-making process, but you cannot make soap with glycerine alone. Every bar of Au Naturel has naturally-occurring glycerine in it, from the oils with which the soap is made.

The belief that glycerine soap is purer and gentler is an unfortunate misnomer. The absence of colour and scent does not mean that something is pure or gentle. It may be better than other products on your supermarket shelf. But it is not the best to use, particularly with sensitive skin.

Many clients have found great relief by switching from glycerine soap to Au Naturel, simply because there are no harmful or irritating ingredients. If you are in doubt as to which soap will be right for you, just email us and we will be more than happy to assist you in the selection process.

Read more here

Which soap will work for eczema?

The gentlest soaps we have are the Castile range, listed under Body > Dry/Sensitive Skin. They are made with extra-virgin olive oil. Many clients have found relief from their dry/itching skin after switching to one of these soaps.

The best out of all is the Neem Bar, but some clients do not like its nutty scent. Neem has been used for centuries for all manner of skin ailments, and makes a great ‘medicated’ bar.

All the soaps listed under Dry/Sensitive Skin are suitable for babies & children. Click here for an interesting testimonial on our Baby Soap.

When can I start using natural soap on my baby?

Because babies have such delicate microbiomes, and don’t normally get very dirty, we recommend only using Baby Soap from the age of 6 months. Before that, it is best to just rinse them with water.

However, many clients have used our soap on their babies from birth, with no ill effects.

I’ve placed my order. When can I expect it to be shipped?

We ship orders twice a month, on a Wednesday. Orders paid for by 9am on a Tuesday, are shipped on Wednesday. Delivery is normally in 1-3 working days. Please check the Contact Us page for the next shipping date.

Liquid soap orders are delayed by a week. Because we do not use preservatives, our liquid soap is prepared fresh for each order. We recommend that you use it within 2 months for best results.

How do I order from Au Naturel?

After you have selected your items, go to your Cart & proceed to checkout. We unfortunately do not support credit card/online payments. Once you place your order, you will be emailed our banking details. You will then need to make payment via EFT & email us proof of payment within one hour of placing the order , otherwise it will be cancelled. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your invoice immediately.

Once payment is received, your order will be processed. If payment is made by 9am on Tuesday, your order will be shipped the following Wednesday, or the nearest shipping day. You can check on shipping days in the Contact Us tab.

I want to share courier costs with my friend. Can we order together?


Each of you simply places your order individually. The person taking delivery of the parcel selects Shipping during checkout, the others select Local Pickup.

Please indicate in the Order Notes (during checkout) who you will be ordering with. Each person involved in the group order then needs to pay their share of the courier fees to the person taking delivery.

Liquid Soap is only available in 500ml or larger bottles. Why can’t i order smaller quantities?

Our aim in all we do is to reduce waste. Providing larger quantities at a time means each order lasts you longer, & less plastic bottles are ultimately used.

If you would like to have smaller quantities, why not opt for our Aqua Bar? It is more cost effective than regular liquid soap, & you can dilute as little or as much as you like at a time. Reuse the same dispenser!

Why is shipping so expensive?

Quality of service is paramount to us. As is zero waste. Our courier company is fast and reliable, getting your goodies to you quickly and safely. This means they will have a longer shelf-life, as they have not been in high temperatures during transit for an extended period of time. Glassware is also safely delivered, with no breakages or losses. And most importantly, there is no large plastic courier bag to pollute the earth further, as we invest in the home-compostable Mielie Mailer instead. Our boxes are often recycled, and we do not use plastic in any of our packaging. For all of these reasons, we feel that the higher price is totally worth it. The shipping is partially subsidised by Au Naturel, so you do pay less anyway 💚

Why not order with a friend and split the shipping between you? Or join our Product Support Group on Facebook, and order with others in your area. You can also save by ordering through one of our agents, listed on the Contact Us page. Orders of R450 or more receive a 10% discount on selected soap bars, which further helps with the shipping costs. Use the code #10isTops at checkout.