Baby & Kids Lotions

Who would want to put anything harmful on their little one?  Unfortunately, we are led to believe that ‘dermatologist-approved’ means ‘100% safe’.  This is not to say that natural is safe, either.  Even organic essential oils can be dangerous for small babies and children.  This is why our Au Naturel natural baby lotion & other products contain either a tiny amount of safe, organic essential oils, or none at all.

Why is truly natural baby lotion so hard to find? The reason is in the formulation.  Water is the main ingredient in regular creams & lotions.  A little oil is added, and an emulsifier to combine the two.  Lots of water = lots of preservatives.

At Au Naturel, our natural baby lotion does NOT contain water.  This means we use ZERO preservatives and ZERO toxins.  Everything we stock, is handmade with edible ingredients & organic essential oils only.  A little goes a long way!

Choose Voila! Baby Lotion for an affordable, everyday option with SPF properties.  Go for Baobab & Vanilla Body Butter if you want something pampering for mom and baby.

The Dudu Range is fabulous for little ones.  It can be used sparingly under babies feet from 6 months and up.

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Showing all 6 results