Natural Deodorant That Works

Natural deodorant that works, normally contains bicarb as the main active ingredient.  The problem is that bicarb causes the most painful rash for many people.

At Au Naturel, our natural deodorants  are unique – they contain ZERO bicarbonate of soda.  Our formulations are therefore suitable for sensitive skin.  And they work!  They have all been successfully tested in the harshest of Durban summers.

Having said that, please don’t expect miracles.  Au Naturel deodorants work best in conjunction with the Antibacterial Facial/Body Bar.  Wear loose clothing to allow your pits to breathe, & avoid overheating.

If you have never used natural deodorant before, the Green or Grizzly Cream Deodorants are great choices.  They both contain activated charcoal to help combat stronger odours.

A little goes a long way!

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Showing all 5 results