Natural Facial Moisturizers

Natural facial moisturizers are hard to come by.  The reason is in the formulation.  Water is the main ingredient in regular creams & lotions.  A little oil is added, and an emulsifier to combine the two.  Lots of water = lots of preservatives.

At Au Naturel, our natural facial moisturizers do NOT contain water.  This means we use ZERO preservatives and ZERO toxins.  Everything we stock, is handmade with edible ingredients & organic essential oils only.  A little goes a long way!

Are you looking for an affordable day and night cream?  Choose Voila! Original Face & Body Lotion, or one of our Body Butters for a luxurious night-time option.

If you are after a premium product, packed full of goodness to fight signs of stress and age, then choose the Voila! Silk – Facial Lotion (with SPF properties) or the Facial Silk Night Butter.  Both feature the same powerhouse of organic essential oils, but drier skin will love the butter more.

Maximise your benefits by applying our lotions and creams to damp skin, straight out of the shower or bath.

Still can’t decide?  Take a look at our infographic:  Which Facial Butter is right for me?

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Showing all 11 results