Dry/Sensitive Skin

Find the best natural soap for dry/sensitive skin here!

The Castile range is our gentlest soap, popular for sensitive, dry skin. While we do not make any claims, some clients have had very good results with eczema-prone, itchy skin when switching to natural Castile.  Read an example here.

Traditionally, Castile soap was made in the Castile region of Spain, from olive oil. We make our Castile soap from cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil. The Neem Bar & Aleppo Castile are included in the range, even though they are not 100% Castile (olive oil) soaps, because they make the best natural soap for dry/sensitive skin.  Neem and laurelberry oil (in Aleppo) are famous for their healing properties, and are awesome additions to the olive oil.

* All weights are approximate

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Showing all 8 results