Antibacterial Facial/Body Bar 🌱

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With activated charcoal, tea tree and finely ground sea salt, our Antibacterial Bar is a firm favourite with both ladies and gents.  It helps keep teenage skin under control, and pairs well with our Moisturising Deodorant to keep body odour at bay.

The salt content causes the Antibacterial Bar to absorb moisture from the air, making it sweat under humid conditions.  This would normally require plastic wrapping to prevent a soggy mess.  However, we specially dip our bars in plain soap, to prevent sweating during transit and to prevent the use of plastic wrap.  So you can enjoy a fully eco-friendly product, without losing any of the benefits offered.  Plus, dipping the soap makes it bigger, thus it lasts longer – a win-win all round.

Not suitable for sensitive skin.

2 reviews for Antibacterial Facial/Body Bar 🌱

  1. Shannon Bartlett (verified owner)

    This is great for acne prone skin and works really well in conjunction with the Moisturizing Deodorant. The plain soap layer that protects the bar lasts well over a week so you are getting added value that way too.

  2. Gill Browne (verified owner)

    Please know how great it is using your soap – and how clever I think the packaging, especially NO PLASTIC! Also – the end of one bar so neatly “sticks” to the bottom of the new bar…no wastage!! Thank you, Melissa

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