Argan Conditioner Bar 🌱

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unrefined cocoa butter, argan oil, soy wax, organic essential oils (rosemary, bergamot, lavender)

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Our Argan Conditioner Bar is made with natural butters & oils, to smooth the ends of hair like a conditioner.  Apply it to the ends of your hair before washing for a lighter effect.  Or as described below for a more conditioning effect.

Regular conditioner is a combination of water and oils, which requires an emulsifier & preservative (this is why we do not make it).  You can mimic this effect, though.  First, wash the hair.  Then, roll the bar between your hands lightly, until there is a thin layer on the skin.  Run your fingers through the ends of your hair while under running water, to lock the moisture into the hair shaft.

The Argan Conditioner Bar is small, but lasts for months when used correctly.

Use sparingly!

The Passion Behind Au Naturel

Only pure, 100% natural, edible ingredients go into every batch of Au Naturel products.

This means:

  • 🌸 No artificial colourants or fragrances
  • 🌷 No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
  • 🌻 No parabens
  • 🌺 No animal fats
  • 🌼 No palm oil
  • 🌹 Preservative-free

Each batch is carefully and lovingly formulated, handmade using only edible ingredients and essential oils, and personally packaged to be couriered to you.

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Additional information

Weight 20 g

1 review for Argan Conditioner Bar 🌱

  1. Kaydee de Villiers (verified owner)

    We struggled to get this one’s consistency right, I think it’s due to using cold water to wash hair. We still haven’t figured it out, seems to weigh down my very fine curly hair.

    • Au Naturel (store manager)

      Hi Kaydee

      Yes, the Argan Conditioner needs the hot water to help it spread evenly. It is highly concentrated, so very little must be used at a time, otherwise it will weigh down the hair.

      May we suggest that you dip the bar in hot water and then run it very slightly over your hands before applying under cold water xx

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