Detox Shampoo Bar 🌱

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coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, sodium hydroxide, bentonite clay, organic lavender essential oil



Helps accelerate the adjustment period when switching to natural soap.  The Detox Shampoo Bar also works well for when hair is extra dirty, or for after an oil treatment.

For stubborn silicone buildup:  Wash hair thoroughly with The Detox Shampoo Bar.  Repeat.  Use a 50/50 mix of vinegar & water as the final rinse.  After the second treatment you should start to feel a difference.

NOTE:  Please read our Hair Care Guide before choosing your natural shampoo:  Using Natural Soap As Shampoo

The Passion Behind Au Naturel

Only pure, 100% natural, edible ingredients go into every batch of Au Naturel products.

This means:

  • 🌸 No artificial colourants or fragrances
  • 🌷 No sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)
  • 🌻 No parabens
  • 🌺 No animal fats
  • 🌼 No palm oil
  • 🌹 Preservative-free

Each batch is carefully and lovingly formulated, handmade using only edible ingredients and essential oils, and personally packaged to be couriered to you.

Confused By The Variety? Don’t Know What To Choose?

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Additional information

Weight 120 g

5 reviews for Detox Shampoo Bar 🌱

  1. Evelyn Morris (verified owner)

    This shampoo is the best thing for summer hair which gets sweaty and the resulting oily scalp.
    It is brilliant in the shower and leaves my hair feeling great. The smell is great too and leaves me feeling invigorated.

  2. yeshe

    My first shipment arrived today and I washed my hair with this beauty! Beyond delighted.
    Courier arrived this morning (day after dispatched) and in the package was a card and a little sample from Melissa – what amazing service! My guest kept on saying, what smells so nice, and without a doubt it was my newly unwrapped goodies….

  3. Ezelle

    The review I posted was 11 months ago on Facebook – I was so delighted with the delivery I just had to write a review right away. I then used the detox bar which was all my hair needed to transition. After that, I’ve been using the Castille bar. My hair feels squeaky clean after washing with both these soaps, and I use a weak apple cider vinegar and water rinse (which acts as a “conditioner) after washing. My hair has never been healthier. I have very fine, extremely curly hair. After a year, I have not trimmed my hair (which I usually do every 6 to 12 months) as I have no split ends! It’s really remarkable.

  4. Desire Nagel

    I received this as a gift at a prayer breakfast and I was delighted to receive a shampoo bar as I’ve tried so many brands out there and just haven’t found the right one yet. But this shampoo bar was the best thing that could happen to my hair.
    My hair is so manageable after washing with this soap bar, it’s not oily or weighed down, but light as a feather and stays cleaner for longer.

  5. Kaydee de Villiers (verified owner)

    Great shampoo bar, myself and my husband both enjoy it. I alternate this with my curly shampoo for best results.

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