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Always a classic, our French Peppermint is strongly scented with organic peppermint essential oil, & delicately coloured with French green clay & spirulina.  A great way to get you up & going in the morning!

It is always debatable just how much of the medicinal properties of essential oils survive the soap making process.  However, the French Peppermint can help ease tension headaches, proof that something DOES survive.  This is one reason why we use organic essential oils for soap-making wherever possible, and ONLY organic essential oils in our leave-on products.

1 review for French Peppermint 🌱

  1. Evelyn

    This soap is a lifesaver for those mornings when I can’t get going due to migraine, chronic fatigue or just feeling overwrought due to stress.
    Peppermint helps nausea and even manages to alleviate my migraines a little.
    It also seems to elevate my mood on those dark days when I feel unable to cope due to depression. I would highly recommend this as a gift for anyone who suffers from migraines or depression and anxiety.

    • Au Naturel

      Thank you for sharing, Evelyn! We are thrilled that it can help your day go better!

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