Go! Mozzie Repellent Block 🌱

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The citronella-free formula smells so good, you are going to want to wear this all the time…

Made with organic essential oils of lavender, chamomile, palmarosa, ylang ylang and geranium, it packs quite a punch.

Warm slightly in your hands, then apply to exposed skin.  Repeat if necessary.

Store in an airtight container.

1 review for Go! Mozzie Repellent Block 🌱

  1. Brigitte Peel

    Some feedback on your Mozzie Repellent Block…… Fantastic! 😍 I went on a long walk in a nature conservancy this weekend , which is a mozzie haven, and not one nibble or bite. I walk there often, and even using another brand of natural mozzie repellent, I still get bitten! I’m impressed and will be only using this product in future. Thank you for an awesome product! 🤗❤

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