Scalp Tonic 🌱


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Scalp Tonic is chock-full of everything necessary for a healthy scalp, & will encourage hair growth.  Laurelberry oil has been used for centuries for psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections… the list goes on.  Coupled with cold-pressed neem oil, and infused with ginkgo biloba, horsetail, rosemary, burdock, stinging nettle, neem & peppermint, its going to pack the punch you need.

Apply the oil directly to your scalp before bedtime & massage.  Keeping your head warm (by wearing a doek/soft hat) will maximise the effects.
In the morning, shampoo as usual.

Use a dedicated pillowcase to protect your pillow from the oil, lay a towel over the pillow, or wear a head covering.

Alternately, apply the oil to your scalp during the day, and shampoo after an hour or more.

Available in 30ml.


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