The Wunder Bar 🌱

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Dishwashing liquid & household cleaner in solid form.  Use directly on the sponge/cloth for washing dishes, or apply to stained garments as a pre-treatment.  A little goes a long way!

To make a great cleaning liquid, slice up a piece of The Wunder Bar & pour hot water over it.  Dissolves in about an hour.  Transfer to a squeeze bottle to clean dishes, clothes or even the toilet!  Read our article on Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaning.

4 reviews for The Wunder Bar 🌱

  1. Evelyn Morris

    This has entirely replaced most of my other household clearning products. I use it as a liquid for dish washing, and it goes a very long way. The Wonder loaf is a great way to buy a lot and save money. I love that it doesn’t harm my skin, meaning I don’t need to wear gloves when washing things with it.

  2. Ilze (verified owner)

    Best stain remover I’ve come across. A must-have for moms with messy toddlers!

  3. Shannon Bartlett (verified owner)

    This is amazing soap! It works like a charm on stains. I havent yet needed to let it stand first, even on dried blood (I know TMI but insert clumsy toddler here). I have used it as a stain remover, cleaned the bathroom with it, diluted it for dishes. It work differently to conventional dish liquid- this you put on a sponge or similar and it foams up great, instead of putting it in the water. I have recently started using the bar (grated and dissolved in water) to wash my daughters clothes and they smell great with no softner needed! What a win as my daughter has eczema and detergents make the problem worse. Saving the best for last: This is the absolute best thing to wash plastic bottles with! It Eliminates smells immediately, use it daily for little ones tea bottles and it really gets the milk smell out.

  4. Lorinda (verified owner)

    Absolutely recommend this soap! Used this in conjunction with vinegar to clean our moldy bathroom ceiling and it worked like a bomb!! Cleaned it in February, and still no sign of any mold!
    Thank you for this great product!

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