Voila! Baby Lotion 🌱




Our gorgeous Voila! in a baby-safe formulation, infused with lavender buds.

Creams & lotions are mostly made up of water, with a little oil and an emulsifier to combine the two.  This large percentage of water means the product has to be heavily preserved – not particularly what we would like to use on our skin.

Voila! is entirely anhydrous, meaning it contains ZERO preservatives, ZERO toxins, and yes, you guessed it – made with edible ingredients & essential oils only! Because it contains zero water, you use far less of it than regular lotion.

Pro tip:  Apply Voila! immediately after a shower/bath, while the skin is still moist, to lock in that moisture.

Light enough even for oily skin, it works beautifully as a facial cream & body moisturiser.  It is non-comedogenic, so should not cause breakouts.  Full of unrefined organic shea butter & jojoba oil, with added non-nano zinc oxide to soothe and heal.  Gently scented with organic chamomile essential oil, to help relax and calm baby.


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