Wunder Nappy Laundry Liquid


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A gentle laundry soap, Wunder Nappy is designed for washing woollen nappy covers.

Lanolin, also called wool wax, or wool fat, is the naturally-occurring substance that protects the wool fibres and makes the sheep waterproof.  When added to woollen garments, it conditions the wool, extending its life.  In the case of nappy covers, you want to maintain lanolin levels to render the cover waterproof.

Wunder Nappy contains 20% pharmaceutical lanolin, and can be used to extend the life of your nappy cover, before you have to lanolise again.

To use, simply chop up a small piece of Wunder Nappy, and pour boiling water over it.  Once fully dissolved, add the liquid to your wash water, and press the garment in it to wash.  Never rub or wring woollen clothing.

Each bar weighs approximately 100g.  Lightly scented with organic lemon essential oil.


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