selecting the right crème shampoo for your hair type is very important

Selecting the right Crème Shampoo

Our Creme Shampoos have been specifically formulated for dry/damaged wavy, curly or coily hair. They are extremely rich, therefore selecting the right Crème Shampoo for your hair type is extremely important.

Please read our Hair Care Guide before choosing your natural shampoo: Using Natural Soap As Shampoo

Karoo Crème

The Karoo Crème is our lightest formulation, featuring argan & jojoba oils. It works best for dry/damaged wavy hair (2A – 2C, see chart below). Other formulations are normally too rich and weigh down fine, wavy hair.

Curly Crème

The Curly Crème is formulated for dry/damaged curly hair (3A – 3C, see chart below). The Karoo Crème can be used, but may be too cleansing. The Curly Crème should enhance the curl more.

Coily Crème

This was the very first Crème Shampoo to be released! Specifically designed for kinky/coily hair (4A – 4C), it is extremely rich and does not lather readily. If you have another hair type & you would like to try the Coily Crème, we suggest you purchase the Tester Pot, instead of investing in a full-size product.

selecting the right Crème Shampoo for your curl pattern

Still Can’t Decide?

Prefer something more shampoo-like? The Aqua Curls is a fabulous combination of curly-care with regular shampoo. If your hair is not very dry, it will probably suit you better than the Crème Shampoos.