So Does This Sun Butter Really WORK?

For those who enjoy a good story, here is a post from December 2019, which was shared with our Product Support Group. Natural sunscreen – does it work?

➡ So Hubby & I are back from our anniversary holiday, well needed, the first holiday in 3 years, I came back a new person, inside and out!
Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some product testing…

Hubby has very delicate, English skin, burns to a crisp without the SPF 50+ baby sunscreen. We haven’t been to the beach in at least 3 years, and still have bottles of the old stuff, used to get it on special, went through a ton of it in summer. He has always been loathe to try anything else, in case it doesn’t work.
I have olive skin which doesn’t usually burn, so I don’t use sunscreen normally. However, not seeing the sun for 3 years left my skin vulnerable, as we shall see…

Holidays are for Testing on Humans…

Hubby has been using a little sunscreen I mixed up when gardening, with fabulous results, but we hadn’t tested anything seriously at the beach yet. So before our holiday I mixed up some waterproof sunscreen to take with, untested. I will say this much, Hubby didn’t even take the old stuff with as a back up plan, in case mine didn’t work 😘

I did also mix up some After-Sun oils, for the inevitable, nothing worse than needing something and all my supplies are at home.The first day, we went to the Wild Coast Water Park (1st time we’ve been). Smeared him thick with my sunscreen, but I only put a little on my face, nowhere else.

We had a BLAST, it was a beautiful day, we did all the slides until we couldn’t walk anymore, were there at least 5 hours. We did not reapply sunscreen as everything was left in the locker.

natural sunscreen - the best place to test it is on water!

So Did It Work?

Hubby’s skin was perfect! And I was a tomato 😂 I should have applied some! I haven’t burnt so badly since high school. I shudder to think what HE would have looked like if my sunscreen didn’t work…

We spent the next 3 days at the beach or in the pool. I got totally roasted. Hubby thought he had received some immunity and got brave (or stupid, whichever you prefer). In consequence, he was a little casual about applying the sunscreen to his front. (I make sure the back is always thoroughly covered, he’s a big man, it’s a lot of skin to burn). With result that he burnt in patches 😂 could see exactly where he missed 😜

Zero Burn AND A Tan

Many people do not realize that regular sunscreen is highly damaging to the skin and oceans, even though it’s not visibly apparent at first. Hubby got a nice tan with my edible, biodegradable sunscreen, but did not burn, as long as it was correctly applied. He normally stays snow white with the regular sunscreen, so he’s very happy that you can at least see he was on holiday 😁

Of course, after that first day I started using the natural sunscreen too, but still sparingly. I didn’t know yet that it would still allow me to tan, and I wanted my brown skin back! So each day I burnt a new part of me (not on purpose). 😬 It was extremely painful. But it allowed me to find out how things worked…

Does it help for burnt skin?

The waterproof sunscreen was really soothing on the burn. And the After-Sun oil was AMAZING, very soothing, and helped it heal up very fast. The only side-effect was I used a lot of deep red seabuckthorn oil. Hubby says I looked like an Oompa Loompa with it on 😂😂

If you have read this far, well done! It just goes to show that we do not need all the synthetic toxins that this world convinces us are so essential. Hubby normally dreads using sunscreen, as it’s so difficult to wash off and feels horrible on the skin. The sunscreen I made left the skin hydrated and protected even when showering, but didn’t feel tacky. So all-round it was a much more pleasant experience than the usual stuff Hubby uses.

It was by no means cheaper – I used very expensive oils in both the natural sunscreen and the After-Sun Oil. But at least I had peace of mind that what we were putting on our bodies was not harmful to us or to our environment 💚

Find them here: Natural Sunscreen & Lipcare

natural sunscreen - hubby's delicate English skin was perfect under the hot summer sun