health benefits of using natural soap

Health benefits of using natural soap

– Does it really make a difference?

August 24, 2019 – Health Benefits Of Using Natural Soap

** Photos shared with parents permission **

One of our clients approached us 3 weeks ago asking for help for their 2 year old daughter’s face. We recommended that they visit the local health store for help, but they ordered one of our Baby Lavender & Goats Milk soaps anyway. We know there are many health benefits of using natural soap, but we were still blown away by the results!!!

The only change they made was using our Baby Soap, nothing else. Her nappy rash has also cleared up completely. Friends and family keep asking what they used, as her skin is glowing now! What a tribute to natural soap.

Of course, not everyone will get the same results, but natural soap does not irritate the skin like it’s synthetic counterparts, allowing the body to heal itself. This is a good reminder that everything that touches our bodies affects us, whether we realize it or not. And it’s up to us to make good choices 💚

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