Pink Cream Deodorant 🌱


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We hope you enjoy this easy-to-apply vegan cream deodorant, which will condition your pits while keeping you fresh all day.  Pink Cream Deodorant is a light, fragrant formulation, designed to be as invisible as possible while making you smell gorgeous.

If you have never used natural deodorant before, we do recommend that you first try our Green Cream Deodorant, as it is formulated to combat stronger odours.  Pink Cream Deodorant is better suited to those who have already switched successfully to natural deodorant, and who wish to have something a bit more girly.

As our Pink Cream Deodorant has been formulated for sensitive skin, it does NOT contain sodium bicarbonate.   To aid its efficiency, use it in conjunction with the Antibacterial Facial/Body Bar.  Wear loose clothing to allow your pits to breathe, & avoid overheating.

A little goes a long way!

50ml Glass Jar


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